General Information

         The Faculty of Education of Kütahya Dumlupınar University is thought to bring new orientations, new expansions and new dynamism in the field of education for both Kütahya and nearby provinces and districts and also for Kütahya Dumlupınar University. From this point of view, the main contributions of the Faculty of Education of Kütahya Dumlupınar University to the various environments can be listed as follows:

  • To be a center of attraction for the secondary school students who are studying in Kütahya and its districts as well as the nearby cities, and to ensure that those students to be grown up as teachers,
  • To open new programs to meet the teacher necessity in Turkey by analyzing our country’s areas where teachers are need in a systematic way,
  • To help teachers, students and administrators in schools to meet their educational needs in the context of university-school collaboration,
  • To carry out the activities devoted to meet the educational needs of both our students and our instructors within the university,
  • To investigate the causes of the educational problems in our country and in Kütahya, and in the light of findings to produce solutions and to bring suggestions,
  • To provide psychological counseling services to the students and the staff of our university with the collaboration of Educational Psychological Services Department that is contained within the faculty.


  • Primary Science Teaching (Daytime Education)
  • Primary Mathematics Teaching (Daytime Education)
  • Preschool Teaching (Daytime Education-Evening Education)
  • Primary School Teaching (Daytime Education)
  • Social Sciences Teaching (Daytime Education)
  • Turkish Teaching (Daytime Education)


  • Educational Administration and Inspection Master's Program without Thesis
  • Turkish Education Master’s Program without Thesis


  • Educational Administration, Inspection, Economics and Planning Master's Program with Thesis
  • Curriculum and Instruction Master´s Degree Program
  • Primary Science Education Master's Program with Thesis
  • Preschool Education Master's Program with Thesis
  • Primary School Education Master's Program with Thesis
  • Social Sciences Education Master's Program with Thesis
  • Turkish Education Master's Program with Thesis


  • Primary School Teaching Ph.D. Program
  • Social Sciences Education Ph.D. Program


Classrooms: In our faculty, there are 12 classrooms on the ground floor and 13 classrooms on the first floor, totally there are 25 classrooms.

Laboratories: In our faculty, there is a Biology Laboratory, a Chemistry Laboratory and a Physics Laboratory on the ground floor, and a computer laboratory on the first floor.

Canteen Facilities: In our faculty, there is a canteen on the 3rd floor. There are two amphis one on the ground floor and one on the first floor.

Other Facilities: Our students can benefit from the sports facilities located in the university campus; they are served the facilities to participate in all kinds of social and cultural activities.

The physical area used for the education and the training activities is 13.000 m2. In our faculty, there are 2 amphis, 24 classrooms, 1 drama classroom, 1 Ph. D. and master degree classroom, 4 laboratories, 1 preschool education material design workshop, 34 academic staff offices, 10 administrative staff offices, 1 guest instructor room, 1 meeting room, and 1 printing room. There are high technology computer connections and photocopy machines for educational purposes in the offices.

Last Update Date: 04 August 2018, Saturday