Department of Educational Sciences

Department of Educational Sciences is one of the basic departments of Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Education which was established in 1999. The general aim of the Department of Educational Sciences is to carry out educational activities aimed at raising the quality of education; to train the staff to be employed in the field of guidance and psychological counseling; to train education specialists and instructors and to ensure that teaching profession courses are carried out. The Department of Educational Sciences, as in all education faculties, functions as an umbrella department and conducts and coordinates the courses related to "teaching profession knowledge" in the faculties and institutes (education, social and science) programs that train teachers. In this framework, the aims of the Department of Educational Sciences are; to conduct researches in the field of educational sciences and teacher training; to train teachers who will work at primary and secondary education levels with undergraduate and graduate programs; to implement in-service training programs for administrators and teachers who are in primary and secondary schools and the other educational institutions, and to advise on educational practices.

In our Department of Educational Sciences, there are the following departments of education:

  • Department of Measurement and Evaluation in Education
  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Department of Educational Administration
  • Department of Counseling and Psychological Counseling

Only a bachelor's degree program in the field of Counseling and Psychological Counseling can be opened from these departments. In addition to this department, graduate education programs can be opened in other departments (Educational Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Measurement and Evaluation in Education) within the related institute. The open graduate programs within the Department of Educational Sciences are:

  • Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. Program (joint program with Afyon Kocatepe University)
  • Educational Administration, Inspection, Economics and Planning Master's Program with Thesis
  • Educational Administration and Inspection Master's Program without Thesis


The vision of the Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Education, Kütahya Dumlupınar University is to be an exemplary department with the quality of the students trained in the field of educational sciences and of the scientific studies that are produced.


  • To train specialists in the fields of measurement and evaluation in education, curriculum and instruction, educational administration and supervision, guidance and psychological counseling.
  • To conduct scientific researches and organize activities in the national and the international level in the field of educational sciences.
  • To discuss the problems encountered in the field of education in the national and the international level and to develop proposals for the solution of these problems.
  • To train specialists and teachers who have professional ethics, advanced sense of responsibility and can think critically.
  • To play an active role in the training of the qualified teachers.


  • Behave accordingly to the academic ethics
  • Human orientation
  • Democratic administration understanding
  • Merit
  • Justice and trust
  • Professional commitment
  • Environmental awareness


Last Update Date: 03 August 2018, Friday