Primary Education

After the restructuring of the Education Faculties, in accordance with the decision of Council of Higher Education dated 15.07.2016 and numbered 8244403-299-2528-42497, there are currently two departments Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education giving service under the Primary Education Department of the Education Faculty. In Elementary Education program 4 year undergraduate education and 2 year (masters level) graduate education, in Early Childhood Education program 4 year undergraduate education are provided. Our students are trained in an environment, like classrooms equipped with technical support such as mobile seating and smart boards, that enables the use of different teaching methods in the theoretical courses.   Well-equipped computer and science laboratories are used for laboratory applications and information technology courses. Teaching practicum courses are conducted in kindergartens and elementary schools under the guidance of experienced faculty members of our department.

Our Faculty’s Primary Education Department aims to train teachers by combining theoretical education with practical experience, while taking into account the needs of today’s learning-teaching environments, it aims to train teachers with the qualifications determined by the Ministry of National Education, who could closely observe the developments in the field, with the ability to follow scientific studies, who love their profession and have the qualities to become role models for their students. Being aware of the importance of the students first years of education and the experiences in these years, as expected from teacher education programs, to contribute to teacher education in theoretical, practical and research fields are among our Primary Education Department’s priorities.

The mission of the Primary Education Department is to consider the social, cultural and demographic characteristics of our country, and carry out scientific studies to support and develop the original structure and content of our education system while pursuing global developments in the field, and train teachers who know more about their students and the needs of students in the light of these studies, and who have the competence and determination to meet these needs.

Last Update Date: 09 August 2018, Thursday